What is VirtueRenity?


Who are we?

VirtueRenity is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the mission of The Virtue Ninja Game to eradicate child sexual assault through technology by donating electronic devices with the Virtue Ninja game already downloaded. The Virtue Ninja game is designed to teach children how to protect their bodies while simultaneously building children’s confidence to communicate a possible violation of their personal space.

Most children are slowly groomed to “play a game” or “keep a secret” by the pedophile. The truth is, 90% of children rape victims know, like, or live with their abuser.(1) There are so many horrible stories about incest, child-rape, child molestation, child sexual assault, and child sexual abuse that this zeitgeist has manifested the #metoo movement.

But, If you are like the billions of us who want to eradicate child molestation, demonstrate your commitment to stop child predators by becoming a Virtue Ninja Partner in Prevention, and donate a one-time or recurring gift via the link below.

(1) Finkelhor, D. (2012). Characteristics of crimes against juveniles. Durham, NH: Crimes against Children Research Center.

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✔ protect their bodies

✔ focus on long-term goals rather than short-term distractions

+ no in-app advertisements


We are seeking qualified and passionate individuals to join our team. If you are interested in joining our team, please use the form below to upload and send us your resume.

    Protecting & empowering children

    Contact us at (844) 599-9905

    Email us at careers@virtueninja.com

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    National Children’s Advocacy Center

    *Virtue Ninja forwards all cyber-tips etc to the National Children’s Advocacy Center. Virtue Ninja is unaffiliated with the National Children’s Advocacy Center in any other way.

    About the Founder

    I am uniquely qualified to own and steward this business as I have seen first-hand how childhood sexual abuse can have debilitating mental effects into adulthood.

    My military background solidifies my focus and discipline to grow this disruptive business exponentially as well as to help as many children as possible avoid being victims of sexual assault.

    Among other degrees, I am blessed to have received my law degree from Tulane Law School. 

    Please join me, Tara McKnight, in this uphill battle to eradicate child sexual abuse.